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Wanderin’ Around In The Pucker Bush….

I have a good friend who grew up in Arkansas. He talks funny, acts funny, looks funny, and says the craziest, most off-the-wall things. He says things like “y’all are neat folks” and “rattlesnakes, now them are good eatin’!” He uses idioms that I have never heard before. My favorite one of his crazy phrases is for someone who is clearly confused. My friend referes to them as, “wanderin’ around in the pucker bush”. That one always cracks me up.

I think that perfectly describes the first 6 years of Tyler’s life with our family.

Back then, my days were often chaotic, unscheduled, out of sync, and emotionally draining. I had no idea what was going on and nobody else seemed to either. I didn’t know if I was too strict or too loosely structured. Too mean, or too lenient. Too emotionally unavailable or was I smothering him? I basically wasn’t sure if our family was coming or going. Every single day I secretly wondered how in the world I could keep this lifestyle up. I felt alone, scared, exhausted, and desperate. A million questions banged inside my head, but I had zero answers to silence that voice in my brain that kept telling me that raising this child was impossible.

I was truly, “wanderin’ around in the pucker bush”.

As you probably already know, that this is NOT a good place to be.

For those of you who are still out there “wanderin’ around in the pucker bush”, and trying to figure out all this attachment stuff by yourself, please click on the pages in the sidebar called “Post Institute” and “Beyond Consequences Institute”. You will find a collection of hope and information there that shows there are ways that have been proven effective in treating and healing children with Reactive Attachment Disorder. Call a Post-trained therapist today and make an appointment. Give it a chance and see whether or not they can help you and your family find your way out into the clearing again.


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