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Beyond Consequences Classes in Oregon

The counseling agencies of Life Strategies and the Consciously Parenting Project are currently offering local and tele classes based on the popular book Beyond Consequences, Logic, and Control. These classes cover the first 5 chapters of BCLC and focus on severe behaviors in children with diagnoses such as Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD), ADHD, ADD, Bi-Polar, and more! There are many “techniques” and “methods” out there aimed at changing behaviors such as lying, stealing, hoarding, cutting, defiance, etc…but Beyond Consequences is different! Instead of managing these severe symptoms, we will teach you to look beyond those symptoms and really get to the CAUSE of these behaviors. These classes have been extremely successful in even the most severe cases of foster and adopted children, but this paradigm definitely applies to all families.

See an article about us in the McMinnville News Register.

If you are interested in learning more, or to see our current schedules of classes and prices, please click the links below and finally get the help your family needs!

Local Classes offered by Life Strategies
or call 503-435-4840

Tele-Classes offered by the Consciously Parenting Project
or call (888) 631-4441


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