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The Deep Freeze Experiment

As you know, I blog from the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  Known for it’s rain, we hardly ever get snow that sticks on that valley floor.  Well, this week we have surpassed all usual expectations.  We have truly been bombarded with quite an unusual winter storm.  We’ve had temperatures in the teens…during the day!  Winds have been gusting and to top it all off, we’ve had at least 3 inches of snow that has been hanging around for days.

Because the roads are a solid sheet of ice, the schools are all shut down.  Many stores are closed.  Most of my neighbors have been home from work and been hanging around the neighborhood.   My neighbors and I like to watch and see exactly which of us on this street dares to jump in their car and go anywhere.  As soon as they return we hover over them asking about the outside world.  Did they see people?  Where the roads open?  Were they able to get groceries???

These are all the conveniences of our community that we take for granted.  It’s amazing what happens when you take away our cars.  Truly amazing.

What I love about our deep freeze experiment is how all the families have been taken out of their normal routines and forced to hang out together at home.  I just look out at all my neighbors and laugh in secrecy.  All those families who are putting on and taking off their kids’ winter clothes twenty times a day as the kids keep coming in and out, in and out.  The looks on the faces of the mothers whose kids are with them 24 hours a day.  The looks on fathers’ faces having to deal with their exhausted wives.  Ha ha ha. I love it.

But seriously…the deep freeze of 2008 has given me a lot to think about.  The forced slow down that brings families back together.  It’s sad to me that families aren’t already together like this.  It’s sad to me that people have to have some sort of natural disaster that forces them to spend more time together at home, just hanging out, just living their lives together.

I’m just hoping that some of the families who have unknowingly participated in my Deep Freeze Experiment recognize how wonderful it really is to just throw the world away outside and just stay tucked away inside their warm, safe homes together.  Aaahhh….yes.  It seems I’m always looking for that shift in people.

All I know now is that there truly is nowhere else I’d rather be than here with my babies.  Because I really have nowhere else to go that could possibly be any better than this.  So, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!



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