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Give It Birth

It has been brought to my attention that my posts are candid.  That I don’t really hold back when I write on here.  Well, I guess I didn’t think of it like that before, but it’s true.  I am just writing whatever comes out at the moment and I am not really editing to make it fit into anything nicely.  I am just typing as quickly as my fingers can go.  Thoughts rambling.  Ideas popping up.  Situations in my life that need to come out, come out.  All the dizzy stuff inside of me is given words and in the end it begins to make sense.  And man, does that ever feel good.

The best part is, I really don’t care what anybody has to say about it.  I honestly don’t.  Because it’s not about them.  It’s about ME.  This is really one of the only places in my life that is only about me.  No interruptions, no editing, no planning ahead.  Just me.  When I am writing on here, I am literally just in the moment, completely oblivious to anything around me.  I am in a deep place inside myself.  Very in touch with myself.  In a way, it’s a good practice for the rest of my life.

Sometimes I hear that people don’t know how I can take time like this out for myself.  And that touches me deeply.  Because it makes me recognize that that’s exactly what I’m doing.  I’m taking time out for me.  That is so true.

And what I have come to learn about that, is that my kids need me to.  I need to vent and to process and to put words to experiences.  I NEED to.  It’s not indulgence.  It’s a necessity of my life.  And I am so proud to know that I appreciate my own needs enough to do something like this.  Something as write.  Something that comes so naturally to me, so easily.  Something so tiny.  But it’s huge.  Thank you for helping me to see that.  That it’s huge.

What I want to say to you (and you know who YOU are) about this is: write!  Get a journal or start an anonymous blog.  Spit out your words.  Even if only a few words at a time.  Just write.  Write it all down.  Get it all out.  Put words to all that stuff that’s been floating around inside of you.  Because as my friend Yael says, “there’s a beautiful mess inside“.  And how can we stay outside of that?  Go deeper than you’ve ever dared.

So give it birth, Jazmine Gene!  You deserve it.  And you are worth it.  And YOU are as important in your family as those babies are.  Mabye even more so.  You’ve given birth to them.  But maybe now it’s time to give birth to YOU!

I love you.  (I always have and I always will.  You have been with me along the whole way, whether you knew it or not.)

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